Hi! My name is Morta, a few years ago me and my husband started our brand Monai of handmade ceramic jewelry, illustrations, paintings among other things. And before you browse my shop and delve into my works I would like to tell you a short story about our brand.

I loved painting since I was a kid. Also loved old tales, myths and symbols since I was a teen. But an idea to merge these two things came to me only when I was 25. I was thinking about making my own ceramic jewelry for some time. But even though I was inspired by ancient symbols and folklore, I felt the need to create something modern and new. Something different, not a reproduction of the past.

The revelation really happened in 2015, during a summer festival in Lithuania. This festival is based on fusion between old mythology, tradition and modern culture (electronic music, etc.). Huge amount of people sharing the same views as I kind of opened my eyes. I started to believe that my ideas can really touch others, I only need to find a way to express it and be brave.

In the same 2015 a brand MONAI was born. It is influenced by ancient lore and worldview. Most of my works are inspired by old symbols, mythology and legends from different cultures of the world (mainly from the Baltic region in Europe, but also myths and tales from Japan, India, Australia and many more). I combine it with modern art, shapes and ideas. This blend of tradition and future led to my own style of painting, ceramic jewelry and prints.

In 2016 I quit my daily job. Jewelry making, painting and other works related with MONAI are my main occupation since.

In 2020 the page you are browsing right now was born. It’s completely new platform to purchase our works directly from us in a comfortable e-store fashion. Feel free to visit our shop here, also Instagram and Facebook pages. If there is anything you want to ask – just write to me on any platform, any time. We are all here for each other in this World.